Blessing Bags

About the Blessing Bags

So many ostomates are in need due to being under-insured or uninsured. We want to provide a Blessing Bag for those individuals that contains a few ostomy supplies, and a letter of encouragement! 

* the amount and variety of products in the Blessing Bag will depend on supplies available and individual requests

How can I help ?

Click the link below to make a donation. Funds donated will cover postage and any supplies the ostomy diaries team has to purchase.  If you have unopened ostomy supplies you would like to donate you can mail them to the address shown below.

Sign ups for blessing bags 2019 is now open !


*All opinions, tips, suggestions etc. found on the ostomy diaries webpage or videos are strictly from an ostomy patient point of view. we do not claim to be a physician, or healthcare professional. if you have medical concerns or an emergency contact a physician. 

**ostomy diaries will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the information on this site, within videos, or the blessing bags. Blessing Bags (est. 2018) is a donation program that aims to spread kindness to ostomates in need. 


Amber and the ostomy diaries team were able to help over 120 ostomates in need during the holiday season of 2018. thank you so much to everyone

who donated and made this possible.