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Mubarakan Full Movie With English Subtitles 720p [Latest] 2022




After studying in Punjab, he moves to Chandigarh where he lives with his brother, and starts working in a bank. He gets married to a Punjabi girl, Jaspinder in Punjab. Soon, he realizes that the marriage was not meant to be. On returning to Chandigarh, Kartar meets Roshan, who is very close to him. Roshan tells Kartar that he is not his biological father. This disturbs him. He meets his estranged father, asks about the truth, and learns that his mother was in love with another man, who is Kartar's real father. With this information, Kartar tries to understand Roshan. Kartar leaves his life at Roshan's feet and starts a new life. Kartar goes to Kashi to meet Charan, meets and befriends Baajan. Baajan was the one who had saved his life when he was a child. Kartar tells Charan that he has found his true parents and asks him to find his real family. He agrees to do so and goes to Punjab. Kartar meets his mother, who introduces him to her real family. They live on the banks of the holy river Ravi. In fact, Charan is his biological uncle, as his real parents had an arranged marriage. He learns that Charan's two younger brothers are his brothers. He is shocked to learn that Charan has no sons. Charan tries to convince him to stay and marry his sister, Shekhar's wife, Nisha, which Kartar agrees to. Kartar reunites with his real father, a teacher named Vijay Singh, who tells him that he is now a teacher, hence he did not need to be a criminal. Kartar is shocked to learn that he has a new sister-in-law, whose father had imprisoned Vijay for trying to save his daughter from being raped by another man. Kartar is very close to his father-in-law, who becomes his second father, as he is also a teacher. His sister-in-law, Maddy, who tries to love him but can never connect to him. Kartar goes to his old hometown, where he finds his foster brother, Charan. He explains the truth and learns about his friend, Baajan. He promises to be his brother's right hand. Baajan is now a father, who loves his daughter, and Kartar promises to always be there for him. His




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Mubarakan Full Movie With English Subtitles 720p [Latest] 2022

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